Meal Prepping can be an essential tool if you are wanting to learn how to eat healthy or start eating clean. It is the main ingredient that has saved my family tons of time and money since we started down this new path of healthy eating a few years ago.

I am a busy mom of three and I use to go the grocery with one cart full of groceries only to have to leave with two grocery carts full. I was the lady that would break into a full sweat when it was time to pay because we might not have enough money to pay for the all that I had bought.. Then I got really smart and started to cut coupons. This took up a lot of time that as a busy mom I didn't have and I found myself running from store to store to get the best deals.. My family was eating the worst foods possible because that is what the big food companies gave coupons for.

Fast forward to eating clean and meal prepping.. I now make a meal plan on Saturday or Sunday for my family and we go to the grocery once a week.. We use to spend upwards of 700 dollars a month on food and now we spend around 450. I use to go to the store more than once a week and buy way to many things that was not on it..  This way we make and prep most of our food for the week and I have so much more freedom with my family. 

Meal planning saves you time. Yes you spend about an hour to prepare everything, but just think of all the hours you get back by not being in the kitchen for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You always have healthy options at your finger tips to choose from so that you are not tempted to spend money on fast food and choose unhealthy options. This has saved me so many times.

My kids all are active in sports and sometimes eat at different times in the evenings.. Dinner can be pulled out and heated at anytime without my wasting time cooking a big meal for everyone. The main courses are already prepared and I just have to add sides or put in a crockpot.

Breakfast time use to cause so much chaos in my house and my kids were addicted to those unhealthy sugary cereals. Now they have healthy muffins, pancakes, waffles or oatmeal all waiting for them all ready prepared. 

Meal prep might be a foreign concept to you. That is what I'm here for.

I'm going to be offering a 30 day online virtual workshop to learn how to meal prep. I'm also going to be offering a live session to watch me meal prep so you can ask questions during the meal prep process to see where you need help. 

If interested in these courses please email me at